About The Website

   The idea for the site sprung from the fact that I live in the beautiful English Lake District where lots of folk are walking and I hear them very often discussing many issues with there friends. Their house, kids, education, politics, cars, sports and sometimes even the countryside they're walking through.

I managed to be ill, off and on, since retiring from work in 2002 so decided, while recuperating, to find out how to construct a website for this idea. Fortunately my employer had dumped a computer on my desk in '95 so I'd been forced to find out how it worked. I had the confidence to try but limited knowledge meant a few failed attempts until I got somewhere near what I wanted.

I thought a place folk could show their latest or favourite walk with or without a commentary seemed a good idea. Also many people who enjoy producing all sorts of artwork such as Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Sculpture, Photos, Wood Sculpture and Turning to name a few, might like a gallery where anyone can display to all of us or just family and friends the results of their pleasurable labours.

There are thousands of photos of family and friends and just fun photos that everyone takes, that just sit on computers. Well they can show their holiday photos, fun photos, anything really, so that everyone, or just family and friends see and enjoy them.
Hopefully I can encourage folk like me to show photos taken with the wonderful digital cameras and mobile phones that everyone seems to have. The many thousands of photos could be out there for whoever you choose to see them.

I hope the site is used by many people as I've certainly enjoyed it.


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